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22 July 2013

I have been avoiding publishing Pilgrim’s Trail because like a lot of things I do I want them to be prefect. As I look back and reread my two previous novels I realize that things are not prefect. Capitulation underwent a major rewrite and review and will be rereleased soon. Worlds at War contains one…

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12 July 2013

Many things fall onto one’s plate in life and it takes time to digest. As the small troubles that accompany all our lives are put in perspective they are no longer obstacles to writing but often become material for characters to enrich and make them appear more real. What I am trying to say is…

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1 July 2013

Sometimes things are easier than they appear. I am beginning to think that you should always try everything because chances are it will be easier than you imagined. Try not to be overcome by the obstacles that you choose to place before yourself. Case in point, I did what amounts to a major rewrite of…

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24 June 2013

For anyone that is having trouble writing, try explaining what you are trying to write to a seven year-old. David gets kudos today for helping me sort out the importance of alien contact in the future. It was an unrelated conversation that really kicked my mind forward with regard to the potential hazards of contact…

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22 June 2013

As I am working my way through my final edit of Pilgrim’s Trail and I really wish that I had an editor that I could just write endlessly and throw the work at them for them to sort out! Looking at rewriting the beginning of Capitulation because I don’t think it captures the reader in…

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16 June 2013

Well started the final rewrite/edit of Pilgrim’s Trail and I guess my hope is that I capture all the ideas that I have in the story and am able to translate them into a good story that will entertain and enlighten people. I know that I have a good story it is just a matter…

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11 June 2013

I made a promise to myself when I began writing that I was going to keep the science in my science fiction. As a result I am going to have to pull up short on my hollow earth story as it is impossible for the Earth to be hollow! I actually did the math to…

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5 June 2013

The danger of completing a work is that you are never really done. As I look at Pilgrim’s Trail in an effort to capture some of the social and theoretical questions I have raised I have also found myself wandering back to my first novel Capitulation and contemplating rewriting it as well. I think Capitulation…

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27 May 2013

Sometimes research can be a dangerous thing. I am trying to research the last days in Nazi Germany for an upcoming book and read some real fringe articles about international conspiracies for profit at everyones expense, etc. Well I finished my research and there appears to be no conspiracy because the people allegedly behind the…

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24 May 2013

Amazing things have been happening in the last few days as short stories that I have written that don’t have enough weight to carry an entire novel have been combining to create some amazing works. I only hope that as I writer I can do them justice. Pilgrim’s Trail is rapidly moving on not only…

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