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Story Re-Write

If any of you are following “Pilgrim’s Trail” I am about to redirect and rewrite the story! I was muddling along and realized that I had made the same mistakes that others had made in the ‘Cowboys in Space’ Genre! Please be patient, I think that you will like the new direction. It will be…

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Tau Ceti Solar System

Pilgrim’s Trail Setting

This is the Tau Ceti Solar System as it would be seen from Earth if the view was not impaired by the Cloud of debris that surrounds the entire system. This is the primary location for the Pilgrim’s Trail Story!

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Book copies

I have copies of both my books available if anyone wants a signed copy of either, just send me your address and I will send it to you along with a bill! LOL Well as I love to do I have created new worlds and new life forms. Pilgrim’s Trail is the story of the…

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World at War Print Copy

Finally was able to submit “Worlds at War” to Amazon for print. I have never seen so many formatting issues and it was never the same one each time! Also the cover is kind of up in the air as well because they changed the method of creating the cover from my first novel. Before…

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PDF Issue

I have been having problems uploading the PDF of Worlds at War to AMazon so that is the reason for the delay in getting it into hard cover. I will try to solve it again in the morning! I have been trying to pick up and complete my next work but between the three works…

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World at War

Worlds at War will be available on Kindle within the next 12 hours after it passes through the review process. Now on to the next one! LOL I have taken the shotgun approach or cooked spaghetti approach, blast out novels and hope something sticks!

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Worlds at War is done!

Worlds at War is done! The second edit added greatly to the story and I was able to clean up much of the language. It was difficult to write at times because it is a period piece that occurs at the turn of the last century at the end of Victorian England. My internet has…

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Worlds at War on the final edit

Have made it 1/3 of the way thru Worlds at War on the final edit. Writing is the key to my own Independence so it seems fitting that I am working on it today. Editing is the bane of my existence but hey, I’m editing my second novel! Look at me bitching! On my own…

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