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Different Bend 24 FEB 13

I have remained silent for the most part recently with the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elem. and the resultant panic buying of firearms by almost everyone in the country. This is my website however so I can say whatever the hell I want! First, please realize that NONE of the proposed Legislation would have…

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Pilgrim’s Trail 20 Feb 13

Major change in the story that I am surprised that I did not think of sooner and those of you that know me will be surprised too! Hero protagonist Hank Paulson is no longer a Marshal but the service has been changed to Rangers! LOL So now Hank is a Ranger! The story progresses, I…

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The New Web Site!

Devin Miller has done an outstanding job creating a very professional webpage for me! Thanks man! You can get hold of him through this page to help you create yours. He has done an excellent job educating me on how this stuff works, old dog new tricks, and I am sure he will be willing…

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New Website!

Well the web page is about to move and from the look of things I am really excited. Those of you that asked will be rewarded with the RSS/Reader ability and it will be viewable in all browser formats! Yah, Devin my web guy! Everything is moving forward as I try to have my writing…

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