Writing has taken a back seat to BushRangerOverland an Outback Model is being built

BushRangerOverland #1 is under construction. It is an Outback Model Truck Insert for a Ford F-250/350 8′ Bed. It is being built in a pickup bead that my son Marcus began converting in to a trailer and I completed.


The base of the frame is laid out with 2″ angle iron.


The roof at full extension being 6’5″ with the first platform extension to the right.


The roof structure with the platform piece and the extender.

This is all still in the experimental stages and at times it is frustrating as initial attempts to create something fail and I have to try another method. This insert is going to be a pile of trials and errors, but it will get BushRangerOverland through the initial R&D portion of creating the basic design and from there things will only get easier to construct, more efficient and more appealing.