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19 Sep 2013

Mailed the proof copies of ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ to the Beta readers yesterday and I am really hoping a lot of good comes out of this project. The scenario that I have set is really fun to write in so I am hoping that it meets with success so that I can continue to develop the…

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14 Sep 2013

Well the web site has exploded I have spent most of the day mediating it, thanks to all of you that are not bots and I do apologize to everyone for the Spam problems associated with the site. Questionnaire for the Beta readers is complete and will be sent out Monday. I have continued to…

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Pilgrim’s Trail Proof

Well the first proofs for ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ arrived today and I must say they look pretty great! Really happy with the cover because it took me about 30 minutes to get through the process which has taken me as much as 6 weeks in the past. I weaseled out and used ready  made cover…

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9 Sep 13

Ordered the proofs of ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ today for my Beta Readers, spent all of about 20 minutes on the cover art, I need to get off my butt and get someone to do my cover art! I want it to look like the classic covers from the 40’s and 50’s. I continue to write ‘Casualties…

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Pilgrim’s Trail update 8 Sep 2013

Well the book took a major leap forward as I quit tinkering with it and sent it to Amazon. It will be reviewed, I have some friends doing a beta read for me and then I will be ready to publish and submit to Kindle The formatting issues that I normally struggle with vanished when…

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WorldCon’s End 3 Sep 2013

Well the drive back from San Antonio sucked because people do not appear to know how to drive as part of a collective group. Got to meet Harry Turtledove and his wife and they appeared to be very nice people. Harry Turtledove is considered the Master of Alternate History Novels and I got to see…

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