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PDF Issue

I have been having problems uploading the PDF of Worlds at War to AMazon so that is the reason for the delay in getting it into hard cover. I will try to solve it again in the morning! I have been trying to pick up and complete my next work but between the three works…

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World at War

Worlds at War will be available on Kindle within the next 12 hours after it passes through the review process. Now on to the next one! LOL I have taken the shotgun approach or cooked spaghetti approach, blast out novels and hope something sticks!

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Worlds at War is done!

Worlds at War is done! The second edit added greatly to the story and I was able to clean up much of the language. It was difficult to write at times because it is a period piece that occurs at the turn of the last century at the end of Victorian England. My internet has…

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Worlds at War on the final edit

Have made it 1/3 of the way thru Worlds at War on the final edit. Writing is the key to my own Independence so it seems fitting that I am working on it today. Editing is the bane of my existence but hey, I’m editing my second novel! Look at me bitching! On my own…

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