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20 May 2013

On May 18 as in every year I say hi to my relatives that avoided death at the hands of Mount St. Helens in 1980. The story is not one of near death racing out of the path of the pyroclastic cloud or lahar down both forks of the Toutle River. It is a slightly…

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3 May 2013

One of the fun things about writing is trying to create new words. Currently I am working on what an intelligent robot may call themselves  as I think that the word robot, meaning worker or serf in Czech, will be viewed as a derogatory term. I have been researching different words in different languages and…

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30 April 2013

I must be the worst blogger! I just noticed that I have not made an entry in almost two weeks! Having finished writing Pilgrim’s Trail I set to editing it but have found that I still have more stories in me and have continued writing Core and the sequel to Capitulation titles Reciprocity. As I…

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15 April 2013

Finished Pilgrim’s Trail this weekend, the writing anyway. Now on to the headache of editing and cover art. I have a lead with an editor and cover artist so maybe that will fall away and I can focus on writing. Wishful thinking on my part. As usual the story poured over into the next book currently…

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9 April 2013

Greetings and sorry about the long absence! I guess that my mind had wandered into a dark place and I was having a hard time struggling out of it. I knew that I was depressed but was unable work my way out. I actually came through it by reading the first three books in Edgar…

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17 March 2013

Tired does not begin to describe how I feel right now. Didn’t sleep well and had to get up very early which was followed by a long frustrating day! Core is making forward progress and will probably the next novel I look to completing after I finish the first installment of Pilgrim’s Trail which itself is…

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11 March 2013

I left my laptop at work yesterday and wrote a quite a bit on my older work Core. It was very interesting to read the piece to get reacquainted with it. When I began writing it in 2011 I had not read Princess of Mars or seen the movie John Carter, while my plot is very different and based…

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7 Mar 2013

All is right in the Universe. My Universe anyway. The Universe that I created for Pilgrim’s Trail hit a snag as scientists discovered planets in Tau Ceti that were contrary to the ones that I made up. I have adjusted the solar system to fit the discoveries without a major rewrite. Knowing a thing or two…

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3 Mar 2013

Sometimes discovery outdistances the writer. When I started writing Pilgrim’s Trail last summer humanity doubted that there were any planets surrounding one of the nearest stars, Tau Ceti. So I wrote about that solar system explaining how it had eight planets that were equal distant from the Tau Ceti Sun rotating at a perpendicular angle to…

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Different Bend 24 FEB 13

I have remained silent for the most part recently with the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elem. and the resultant panic buying of firearms by almost everyone in the country. This is my website however so I can say whatever the hell I want! First, please realize that NONE of the proposed Legislation would have…

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