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Pilgrim’s Trail Rewrite Preview

The rewrite of Pilgrim’s Trail has taken a dramatic turn as the story has morphed into more than just Cowboys in Space. Questions of our place in the Universe, speculation of how we would interact with alien races, other works of Science Fiction and their influence on how we perceive the future, and advances on…

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Story Re-Write

If any of you are following “Pilgrim’s Trail” I am about to redirect and rewrite the story! I was muddling along and realized that I had made the same mistakes that others had made in the ‘Cowboys in Space’ Genre! Please be patient, I think that you will like the new direction. It will be…

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Tau Ceti Solar System

Pilgrim’s Trail Setting

This is the Tau Ceti Solar System as it would be seen from Earth if the view was not impaired by the Cloud of debris that surrounds the entire system. This is the primary location for the Pilgrim’s Trail Story!

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