Writing, 6.5 Kurz Update and BushRangerOverland News


Been writing a lot lately, it just hits you. Been really happy and that helps with the writing process. “The History of World War III” made its way to the forefront as I received some help on some silly issues involving German Ammunition crates and a 1945 map of southern Germany, as well as some encouragement at CoKoCon. These things may seem odd, but as a historian they are important in the writing process. You have to be accurate in the telling of your tale. City and road names have to be accurate. Weight and markings on boxes need to be accurate and it is always nice to have the encouragement or readers.

“The History of World War III” altered History Science-Fiction – progress 19,500+ words Goal 100,000 words

Book Two in the Pilgrim’s Trail series is receiving some touch ups, it is with an Editor right now and we identified a flaw in my writing that I will correct in the future, so some of this is being rewritten. Cover Art issue seems to be resolved as I found a company in England that does pretty good covers inexpensively.

Pilgrim’s Trail Book Two – Casualties of War – 93,100+ Words waiting on Cover art for paperback publication

Book Three is complete except that a few characters stories need to be tied up, otherwise I need to address the previously mentioned flaw in my writing and then it will be off to the Editor and Cover Art. I hope to have it available by Christmas.

Pilgrim’s Trail Book Three – The Devil’s Ride – 83,100+ words, Goal 100,000 words

Not Enough Water to Kill the Witch – 900 words, goal 60K

Have a stenographer coming this week to work with me knocking this out. Can’t write about it, going to try to talk about it. This is the story of a relationship HELL I lived through so I hope this works out.

The Hard Ride – Western – 1100 words, Goal 100K

Fictitious Western set immediately after the Civil War

6.5 Kurz

Fired about 50 rounds last week but was unable to do any accuracy work because of high winds. Identified manufacturing issues that will be addressed to make the cartridge more reliable in loading and extraction. Should be able to produce some accuracy data from the AK47/74 in 6.5 Kurz soon. HK93 in 6.5 Kurz is working through cycling issues related to the mechanical setup of the delay roller lock system of the rifle, meaning the way the locking piece and rollers interact to delay the cycle of the rifle.


Completed a perspective drawing of the Outback Model Insert to help work out the design issues as I prep to begin construction. The first one I build is actually going to be put into the bed of a truck that has been turned into a trailer. This is going to be built so that is will fit in the bed of an F-250/350 Ford Truck.

BushRangerOverland Outback Camper