Writing, additional Web pages and the need for a social media rep!

Have returned to writing “The History of World War III” and it has progressed past 23K words. This story is coming along nicely as the research is getting easier, somehow. Probably just familiarity with the subject and the locations of relevant information.

Book Two in the Pilgrim’s Trail “Casualties of War” is in the final editing process and I hope to get the Editor’s notes soon, so we can enter the next phase of back and forth effort that it takes to make a book entertaining.

Book Three “The Devil’s Ride” is complete except for the final chapters that answer the question of how do these characters intend on living out their lives.

BushRanger Overland is doing well as the Overland Camper Insert is finalizing the design phase and it would be complete by mid-February. Also a Traction Mat carrier was added to the Overland inventory as I needed to make one for myself and it seems like a handy item to have for holding the mats.

6.5 Kurz received a name change for marketing purposes and is not known as 6.5 Boogaloo. The name change was due to having to explain was Kurz meant, short in German, and was part of the name of the original Assault Rifle Cartridge 7.92 Kurz or 8mm Short. 6.5 Boogaloo has its’ own web page 65boogaloo.com