Back to the Beginning

Apologies again. I have completed my BA in History, did it in 18 months. Pretty impressed with myself. Back to the beginning is in reference to the fact that I have returned to working on the novel that inspired me to begin working on my education. The novel had the working title “The History of…

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The Right Rifle

During a recent discussion a very interesting point was brought up by one of the participants that I felt should be shared with other survival minded people. The discussion was about rifles one would use during a survival situation; AR vs AK vs Mini-14 vs HK in 5.56. The critical comment was that this individual…

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Tedium of Survival

There are many aspects of survival that fall into this category. Packing and repacking your primary survival pack so that it is well balanced and not too heavy. Soldiers in the Special Operations community often joke that the real motto of any good unit should be, “Check and Test, Check and Test” The most important…

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Things written that should not be written

Going to put some things down here that delve into to taboo subject of bringing harm to other individuals. Understand that these individuals are trying to harm you so this is an act of self-defense, just more effective self-defense. Many are drawn to the use of military full metal jacket, FMJ, ammunition thinking that the…

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Shift of substance

While my writing career flounders on I have decided to take this web page in a different direction. Prepping and Survival is a thought that is not too far back in my mind most of the time and it has been brought to my attention that while I think of many things, most people don’t….

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Contemplation and remorse

Well I have been struggling with the final edit of Pilgrim’s Trail, haven’t even really started it. I write passive sentences and this is frowned upon in the literary community. So I therefore have been struggling with a complete rewrite of the book which is probably more difficult than actually writing the book because it…

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17 Nov 2013

Sorry everyone (although I doubt anyone reads this) suffered an internet failure and took some time to resolve it. I have received half of my books and questionnaires back from my Beta readers for Pilgrim’s Trail and have gotten some great feedback which will be incorporated into the final rewrite and edit. The sequel to…

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19 Sep 2013

Mailed the proof copies of ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ to the Beta readers yesterday and I am really hoping a lot of good comes out of this project. The scenario that I have set is really fun to write in so I am hoping that it meets with success so that I can continue to develop the…

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14 Sep 2013

Well the web site has exploded I have spent most of the day mediating it, thanks to all of you that are not bots and I do apologize to everyone for the Spam problems associated with the site. Questionnaire for the Beta readers is complete and will be sent out Monday. I have continued to…

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Pilgrim’s Trail Proof

Well the first proofs for ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ arrived today and I must say they look pretty great! Really happy with the cover because it took me about 30 minutes to get through the process which has taken me as much as 6 weeks in the past. I weaseled out and used createspace.com ready  made cover…

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