Shift of substance

While my writing career flounders on I have decided to take this web page in a different direction.
Prepping and Survival is a thought that is not too far back in my mind most of the time and it has been brought to my attention that while I think of many things, most people don’t.
I will now dedicate this web site to sharing my knowledge of survival and little bits of information on theory, mental preparedness, tools and equipment for survival.
To start many people have contacted me asking about what type of firearms that a person should possess in the event of social upheaval.
A 357 Magnum Revolver is by far the best all around firearm one can possess. Ease of mechanics, very reliable, availability of ammunition and relative ease of training. Revolvers are hard to break because of the simple mechanics involved. This also make a revolver extremely reliable; to clear a malfunction you pull the trigger again to move the cylinder to the next cartridge. Availability of ammunition is seldom effected by the periodic panic buying that the United States experiences. Training to fire a 357 Magnum is much easier than most other handguns because 38 Special ammunition which is cheap fits in a 357 and 38 Special creates less felt recoil than 357 and therefore allows the student to focus on marksmanship.
I will continue to offer advice and please feel free to ask questions.