14 Sep 2013

Well the web site has exploded I have spent most of the day mediating it, thanks to all of you that are not bots and I do apologize to everyone for the Spam problems associated with the site.

Questionnaire for the Beta readers is complete and will be sent out Monday.

I have continued to write on one of the sequels to ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’, this is following the story of a family as they travel the ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’.

I assume many of the Posts are by bots because they ask for more information about things that don’t make sense. If you do have a question please make sure it is attached to the corresponding Post so that I can answer questions.

me@thedevinmiller.com is my web guy that created this site

I am going to try again to write a book on survival, try again because I have tried about 4 times before. It is difficult because I have been taught and learned to survive by physically surviving so it makes it difficult to translate into a word format.

Also the hollow Earth is calling to me again as I ran across some notes that I had written before on the subject. I did the math and figured out that nothing could be held onto the inside of a hollow Earth by centripetal force. But I did conclude that there could easily be pockets of air within the Earth that could contain habitable zones. I should be able to tie the Nazi activity at the end of WWII to the US expedition in Antarctica in 1946 and run from there.