Tedium of Survival

There are many aspects of survival that fall into this category. Packing and repacking your primary survival pack so that it is well balanced and not too heavy.
Soldiers in the Special Operations community often joke that the real motto of any good unit should be, “Check and Test, Check and Test”
The most important tedium is to test fit ever round of ammunition that you possess in every weapon system that uses that particular caliber. This can take several days depending on how much ammunition you have. This is also a necessary exercise for any defensive handguns that you have. Because of tolerances that are allowed within the firearms industry it is very possible ammunition manufactured within these tolerances WILL NOT FIT in your firearm. Particularly if the firearm is new and built to minimum tolerances.
If you are going to bet your life on a weapon system be sure the ammunition that you are putting in it works.
Some of these tests can be done casually on a weekend camping trip and some border on abusive, like driving out of town on your planned escape route during rush hour traffic. A good measure of the time and fuel required to drive the escape route during an emergency it to take the rush hour time and fuel consumption and double these numbers.
Now that I have talked about an escape by vehicle I will share with you that unless you are forced away from your home by fire, flood or other natural disaster, you should plan to stay put for 72 hours. Of course you will need 3 days of food but people often forget to have 3 days of water. Each person will require 1 gallon per day so 3 gallons per person as you stay put in your residence and pretend no one is home.
Proper mental and physical planning can pretty much guarantee your survival in any given situation. Be sure to test that those rounds fit in your gun.