The Right Rifle

During a recent discussion a very interesting point was brought up by one of the participants that I felt should be shared with other survival minded people.
The discussion was about rifles one would use during a survival situation; AR vs AK vs Mini-14 vs HK in 5.56.
The critical comment was that this individual preferred an AK style rifle. I was puzzled because this individual has 2 tours of combat in Iraq and uncountable hours using an AR platform.
The individual replied that the AK series of weapons can function better without cleaning for a greater period of time.
The AR systems are very precise in machining tolerances and as a result more susceptible to dirt fouling. Within military circles measures are taken for individuals to clean their weapons either in a patrol base or rear area. THE INDIVIDUAL IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION WILL NOT HAVE THIS LUXURY!
Therefore an AK system is better in survival situations.
While the original 7.62×39 round is not known for accuracy or having extended range, how accurate do you need to be when keeping bandits away from your family? 300 meters should be more than enough distance to keep your family safe and having a rifle that is capable of target shooting in a survival situation is needless.
The newer 5.45×39 round found in the AK-74 extends this range by about 90 meters but the big advantage is that ammunition is currently very inexpensive.
The Kalashnikov Rifles are durable, require a minimum amount of maintenance and will continue to function even when incredibly dirty making it an excellent weapon choice for survival situations.