Things written that should not be written

Going to put some things down here that delve into to taboo subject of bringing harm to other individuals. Understand that these individuals are trying to harm you so this is an act of self-defense, just more effective self-defense.
Many are drawn to the use of military full metal jacket, FMJ, ammunition thinking that the militaries of the World are using the most effective ammunition with regard to dispatching other individuals. The militaries are NOT using ammunition designed to have the most effective against individuals but ammunition that is governed by the Hague Conventions of 1907 that prevents signatories for using ammunition that easily expands or flattens easily in a human body. You as an individual are not restricted by this rule and therefore can select ammunition that is far more effective at dispatching aggressors and keeping your family safe. Also military style ammunition often comes at a premium so it is possible that ammunition can be acquired at a reduced price. Military 5.56/223 ammunition can be acquired in hollow point and ballistic tip bullets that have greater wound dynamics than FMJ. Heavier bullets are also available that in this caliber offer greater accuracy as well. Russian military ammunition is available in hollow point as well. In addition 7.62 NATO ammunition or 308 Winchester has numerous types of hunting ammunition available that are much more effective with regard to accuracy and wound ballistics.
I don’t mention handgun ammunition here because most are aware that hollow point ammunition is better at transferring kinetic energy to a target. There is no such thing as ‘knock down power’ but is it possible to determine the amount of kinetic energy of transfer in foot pounds of energy. A bullets ability to transfer this energy to the target is critical in determining the effectiveness of ammunition. Full Metal Jacket bullets do a poor job at transferring this energy.
Sorry if you find this subject matter disturbing but it may just save your life and the lives of your family.