27 May 2013

Sometimes research can be a dangerous thing. I am trying to research the last days in Nazi Germany for an upcoming book and read some real fringe articles about international conspiracies for profit at everyones expense, etc. Well I finished my research and there appears to be no conspiracy because the people allegedly behind the conspiracy had ulterior motives contrary to what conspiracy theorists want people to believe. Things that I did uncover; there is no conclusive evidence that Hitler died in Berlin, the World I think just wants to believe that so the whole Evil mess will begin to go away.

Other things I did figure out, if anyone cares. The Thule and Vril Society heavily influenced Hitlers early thought process as he began to form his ideology. The anti-semitism of the Thule Society was met with open acceptance in Post-WWI Bavaria and not to excuse this at all but early on it appears as if Hitler was playing to the crowd. The Vril Society had a different appeal as many of its members were gorgeous women! These two groups formed something of the faux genealogy that Hitler used to bring national pride and unity to the germanic people. Not a bad thing to do when you are in the economic shit hole that the Treaty of Versailles put them into!

It was traumatic to try and crawl into this man’s head as I already knew it was a mess having tried to read Mien Kampf years ago. I did it to get a better handle on the book I am trying to write because I want to display an accurate picture of him after the War in order to add realism. I emerged at the other end of this wiser with greater understanding of how this could have happened. How the World learned what genocide meant, how a peaceful loving people could create a machine of industrial slaughter and how a Corporal from Austria could kill an estimated 80 million people.

I would never excuse Hitler for any of the crimes against humanity but the World as a whole is responsible for creating the situation in which he was able to move forward as a political power and commit those crimes. Beginning with the Treaty of Versailles, which created the economic environment that the Nazis could thrive in and Worlds reluctance to confront Germany at any given time prior to the War makes many of the World leaders somewhat responsible.

If you read a history book it is difficult to understand the psychology and sociology that allowed this to happen but once you dig deep into these areas it becomes sadly, sickly obvious. And then you gain the understanding that it could easily happen again!

Sleep Well!


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