3 May 2013

One of the fun things about writing is trying to create new words. Currently I am working on what an intelligent robot may call themselves  as I think that the word robot, meaning worker or serf in Czech, will be viewed as a derogatory term. I have been researching different words in different languages and having a lot of fun doing it. As this is for Pilgrim’s Trail, Spanish is also an option that I am exploring as Spanish and English are the two dominant languages in the story.

Names of characters has been easier as much of what makes a name is family tradition, family history and sometimes events in an individual life. Many robots would name themselves much as humans to honor individuals in the past and have a name that they could be proud of as well as honor.

Part of the struggle in writing the story is to determine what history survives into the future and what is lost. Often times what is viewed as history is simply the narration of those that recorded the events and whether or not this recording survives to contemporary times. Events now viewed as irrelevant or obscure may have incredible significance in the future. Then as a writer I have to determine how this information will affect characters and the thought process of these individuals.

I often wonder if I am talking to myself here or if anyone is reading this. Please let me know if you are reading this either here or on Facebook.

Keep reading,