30 April 2013

I must be the worst blogger! I just noticed that I have not made an entry in almost two weeks! Having finished writing Pilgrim’s Trail I set to editing it but have found that I still have more stories in me and have continued writing Core and the sequel to Capitulation titles Reciprocity. As I continue to write Core and read more Edgar Rice Burroughs I sometimes feel that I am just rehashing John Carter, but my story is a little more science based and my hero has better things to do than chase some girl all over the planet!

Probably the most amusing thing for me as a writer is that the characters in Capitulation keep creeping into my mind with more story lines and character development! Ideas that I left the first book with have changed into greater ideas that will make for a more interesting read as well as a more grand adventure.

Seriously thinking of attending WorldCon in San Antonio this year, but not sure if I should go as a vendor or just participate. We will see.

Hope everyone is doing well and keep reading!