Different Bend 24 FEB 13

I have remained silent for the most part recently with the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elem. and the resultant panic buying of firearms by almost everyone in the country.

This is my website however so I can say whatever the hell I want!

First, please realize that NONE of the proposed Legislation would have prevented this shooting or the shooting in Aurora, CO. Remember that both of these happened in “Gun Free” Zone, these are put in place to reduce insurance rates for the establishment. More about insurance companies later.

Second, the initial run on guns occurred when the President was first elected. This is not unlike the Civil War starting because Abraham Lincoln was elected. This latest gun run puts a bunch of guns in the hands of untrained people and the only conclusion I could come to if this is a conspiracy is that it will allow these armed individuals to be executed if Martial Law is declared. But much like anywhere else if there are a bunch of guns laying around on the ground other people will pick them up and carry events forward to a hopefully logical conclusion! The medium is to allow people to carry guns pretty much wherever they want to except bars and other alcohol based establishments. ALL of these massacres could have been prevented if just one person with a gun, proper training and moral courage was present. When confronted these individuals have simply stopped their actions as in the case of Aurora. Doesn’t have to be a gun in the hands of police, just a gun in someones hands.

Third, the real threat to our current way of life is that the dollar may collapse! Currently the dollar takes its’ strength from Oil Trade. International Oil Trade is done in dollars, so basically the dollar is backed by Oil. If the World switches to another form of exchange the dollar will collapse! The other threat to the dollar is our national debt, once it reaches the point that it is impossible to repay this debt confidence in the dollar will collapse. People talk about the price of gas going up 3000% but the opposite is actually true. The price of gas will be the same, the dollar will be worth 3000% less value. Quite literally the dollar will not be worth the paper it is printed on! Much like the stock market crash of ’29 it is a matter of the confidence of the people in the dollar that will determine when/if this happens. The thing that is not within our control as a society is International Oil Trade. The only advice I have to offer is have Silver on hand as it will retain its value, have a consistent water supply and start a vegetable garden, and have some guns to defend it all.

Fourth, I am beginning to think that the great evil in this World is the insurance industry. Much of the crap we are dealing with right now has been created by the insurance industry. I have been studying this for a while and have remained silent because I honestly think that talking about this could get me killed! My tipping point was when I read the New York State gun ban legislation and saw the mandatory insurance clause for gun owner, by law they have to carry 1,000,000 dollars in liability insurance if they own a gun! Yet another law mandating insurance! Our auto insurance is mandated by law but I also have to pay extra for uninsured motorists? The universal health care is so expensive is because it is not really universal health care but universal mandated by law health insurance! We as a nation have been trying to get universal health care for almost 100 years but have been unable to because the health care industry have been so profitable to the insurance industry and they have lobbied against it for years! It is only when the insurance companies were promised that they were not going to lose money and actually profit from mandatory healthcare/insurance did they go along with this plan.

Fifth, tied to the insurance industry is the pharmaceutical industry. EVERY INDIVIDUAL that has committed a mass shooting has a history of psychotropic pharmaceuticals! But you never hear anything about the relationship to mass shootings and drugs because the profits are so high on these drugs that they can afford a lot of lawyers and gag money.

There, I have signed my death warrant! But I have not kept this knowledge to myself.

Or am I the minority now? Have we reached a point where people don’t care and just want to be told what to buy, wear, drive and watch without giving any thought to whether they enjoy it themselves or not? Are we nearing the Orwellian state where the media keeps the proletariats happy with propaganda and lies and those of us that are a bit smarter have to conform and lead or be destroyed? I have neighbors that were evacuated here after Katrina and never returned to New Orleans. They were given mobil homes and I guess that they are content to stay here, stay drunk and conform. Is that what will be expected of us in the future?

I know that his is a Different Bend for my page, I will now return you to normal programing.

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