The New Web Site!

Devin Miller has done an outstanding job creating a very professional webpage for me! Thanks man!

You can get hold of him through this page to help you create yours. He has done an excellent job educating me on how this stuff works, old dog new tricks, and I am sure he will be willing to help any of you. For a price of course! LOL

Writing has been going I have a 45 minute commute at work each morning and afternoon and this allows me to space out (one lane dirt road) much as Albert Einstein did in the patient office and think of great writing things. The ideas that will drive Pilgrim’s Trail to the conclusion of this book have already been committed to notes and I just need to finish writing the piece and then the fun of editing will begin!

I have several other projects that I am pushing forward as well as the sequel to Capitulation. Reciprocity is the working title of the book and I think that it will carry that title into print.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge a friend of mine that I failed to recognize for his contribution to Worlds at War. Justin Watson served as a good sounding board and inspiration while I was cranking that book out. I wrote it in 3 months! I would bounce ideas off Justin and he would offer objective opinions about what I was proposing. His biggest help was answering the rhetorical question that drove the writing of the book. That question being; would Victorian England has taken an attack from the Martians as described in H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds and not responded? The answer is simply NO. This book needed to be written. Some books have been written on this subject but they are all in the realm of fantasy.

Future editions of the book will appear with a dedication to Justin.

Hope you like the new web page it comes with the RSS – Reader thingy so you don’t have to hunt for me 🙁

Carpe Diem,



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