PDF Issue

I have been having problems uploading the PDF of Worlds at War to AMazon so that is the reason for the delay in getting it into hard cover. I will try to solve it again in the morning!

I have been trying to pick up and complete my next work but between the three works I have found that two of them are too emotional! I don’t know if I will ever be able to finish them. The first is “The Last Hunt” about 2 combat vets going on one last hunt. I tried to sit down and write some on it yesterday and could not make any headway because the story revolves around the loss that the two men have suffered in combat. The next piece “A taste of Hell” is about this awful relationship I had years ago and I could make no progress on it at all because the evil that was done to me actually makes me lose hope for humanity. I started to work on “Core” again, my fun Sci-Fi written in an Edgar Rice Burroughs style, but I have been so focussed on Worlds at War that I have had to reread what I wrote to catch myself up!
Thanks again for all the support you have been sending me I really do appreciate it!