The New Website

Well, here it is, my web page.

Just to bring those of you interested in my writing career up to speed.
I have finished writing my second novel, Worlds at War. It is the Journal of Colonel Oliver Woodley the commander of the British Forces that travel to Mars to counter attack the Martians. It is based on the simple idea that Victorian England would not have stood by and taken that attack and not responded. English pride would have been at stake and they would not have rested until the Martians had been punished for the attack and rendered incapable of raising another attack.
It will be available soon as I am editing it at this time.
I have just signed out of 4th ID and Fort Carson and will be moving to Fort Polk, Louisiana where I will be an Observer/Controller/Trainer at JRTC
My other writing project that is moving along nicely is a series called Core. Core is the center of an ancient civilization that has long since vanished. The computer on the planet still has a medical protocol evacuating wounded soldiers to the planet. It is very much in the Edgar Rice Burroughs genre being just above ‘pulp’ as I always stick to hard science in my fiction. I actually started writing for the same reason Burroughs did so many years ago. He could not believe what was being published at the time and figured he could write better. I had read a bunch of Science Fiction a few years ago that had almost no science involved! So I began writing.
It took me 3 years to write my first novel, I finished my second novel in 3 months! Once I figure out how something is done, beware!