Editing of Worlds at War

Editing of ‘Worlds at War’ is going slow but as always it is adding to the story.

David and I have been busy with our move to Louisiana.
Several story ideas popped into my head while driving as they always do.
    – a future dystopia where gangs of criminals roam the area outside secure sectors where inhabitants live in fear but refuse to defend themselves. This situation was created by the continued codling of criminals until a tipping point was reached where the criminals outnumbered law abiding citizens.
    – I am working on another novel about an awful 10 year long relationship I was involved in, because revenge is best served in cash!
    – I made some progress with Reciprocity which is the sequel to Capitulation
    – I have been working on a survival manual for years and this has made some progress with the coming of 2012. However the woman that inspired me to write this at this time recently passed away.
Hope all are well and thank you for your continued interest and support.