Rerelease of “Pilgrim’s Trail” on Kindle this Week!

The History of World War III (Academic Study) – progress 16,000+ words Goal 100,000 words
World War III (Altered History Fiction) – progress 7000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
Casualties of War – Pilgrim’ Trail Book Two – 62,000+ words, Goal 100,000 words Officially a Novel!
The Devil’s Ride – Pilgrim’s Trail Book Three – 8,000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Road to Pilgrim’s Trail (prequel) – 4000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Quantum Mind 4500 Words, Goal 100,000 words
Through Green Eyes – 1100 words, Goal 100,000 Words
Not Enough Water to Melt the Witch – 900 words, Goal 60,000 Words

Back home and for a huge week of travel I made some amazing progress writing. I have been focusing on Casualties of War because it is the closest to completion and it has gone over 60K words making it officially a novel but my goal is to make it at least 500 pages long which is actually 150K words roughly.

Casualties of War has expanded to include the story of what has happened to Ranger Sammy Sankhez girlfriend Rosa Maria after his death.

The History of World War III is progressing nicely as I am now consolidating the data that I collected in my research in Germany and am now matching it with the psychological profiles of both Joseph Stalin and President Harry Truman to determine what their actions would have been with the early surrender of Japan bringing an abrupt end to WWII prior to the use of Nuclear Weapons.

The Road to Pilgrim’s Trail is progressing nicely as I have reread Pilgrim’s Trail as I get ready to rerelease it in Kindle later this week. Yes, it has been so long since I wrote it I had to reread it! I am trying to be thorough making sure that I cover all the backstories that I tried to sidetrack my readers with as well as catching myself when I do that within the remainder of the Pilgrim’s Trail Saga. The goal is to tie the canon together as well as give the reader something enjoyable to read.

Little has been written in my other works this week except the occasional note, nothing of true brilliance.

Thank you for your continued indulgence.