End of Research and off to Writing

I arrived in London last night and I am honestly tired of traveling. I am looking forward to being home and not going anywhere for a while. I have been writing furiously on the road but on notecards and in notebooks as you can see by the word counts below that have barely moved. Although PT – Casualties of War made a surprising 2K word leap this past week.
I have been telling people for some time that I have been writing SEVEN novels but couldn’t name them off the top of my head well here they all are! Actually I’m working on EIGHT!

The History of World War III (Academic Study) – progress 16,000+ word count Goal 100,000 words
World War III (Altered History Fiction) – progress 6000 words, Goal 100,000 words
Casualties of War – Pilgrim’ Trail Book Two – 59,000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Devil’s Ride – Pilgrim’s Trail Book Three – 8,000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Road to Pilgrim’s Trail (prequel) – 4000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Quantum Mind 4500 Words, Goal 100,000 words
Through Green Eyes – 1100 words, Goal 100,000 Words
Not Enough Water to Melt the Witch – 900 words, Goal 60,000 Words

Oh and another thing how we self-identify. I have been calling myself a writer for some time but I am NOT, I’m a novelist. I write novels. And because of the type of novels I write I am a scholar I do a ton of research this whole trip has been research, almost. So that is how I will identify until further notice.

“The History of WWIII” has turned into a completely academic study and will be published as such I have decided that I will be writing a second fiction novel “World War III” based on my findings and that will be much more entertaining. That will have General Patton tearing around attacking Russian Armored formations, should be good fun.

“The Quantum Mind” is a Science-Fiction piece about how our own minds appear to travel in quantum space-time. If you have ever had a dream that you later experienced then you know what I am talking about.

“Through Green Eyes” is a fictionalize account of my first tour in Iraq and I plan on writing a fictionalized account about each of my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Not Enough Water to Melt the Witch” is the fictionalize account of this horrid relationship that I was in for 8 long miserable years that still effects me to this day, I figure the best revenge will be in cash. I have discussed this with successful editors in the literary field and they have told me if I can get it on paper then I have a Best Seller!

Well everyone that is it for this weeks update, thanks for you patience and keep reading!