CoKoCon, Devil’s Ride – Pilgrim’s Trail Saga, 6.5 Kurz News, BushRangerOverland News

I’m an Official Presenter at CoKoCon 2019 30Aug-2Sep in Phoenix, Arizona. I have two Presentation ‘Alter Your Reality’ where I discuss our place in the Universe and our perception of our World and ‘Science Myth and Fact’ where I discuss beliefs that are thought to be Science that are in fact myth or where Science has become faith based as in ‘Well you just have to believe it because a scientist said it.” Regardless of providing any facts to back it up or bias behind the initial theory.

Devil’s Ride is up OVER 77K Words with a 100K Goal! Should start Editing by the End of the Month! Really Exciting!

6.5 Kurz News – HK93 in 6.5Kurz was picked up from the gunsmith but I still haven’t shot it yet. It is still too hot here in Arizona to go to the Range

BushRangerOverland News – Construction on the Overland Camper should begin this week as well as the Outback truck bed insert (long bed)