Worldcon 75 Helsinki is now Over!

While this is only my second Worldcon, which is the World Science-Fiction Convention, it was the best that I have experienced so far. To start my luggage was lost but the airlines and hotel took good care of me. Besides that, I had a great time in Helsinki most people here speak English very well so language was not an issue and everyone was happy to help.

Made some new friends and now actually have writing colleagues, people seriously interested in MY writing career.

Got to meet some authors that some of you may recognize; George RR Martin “Song of Fire and Ice” known as Game of Thrones who is so popular I was only able to compliment him on his writing, to which he gave me a thumbs up and mumbled “ya..”. Joe Haldeman “The Forever War” with whom I was able to talk to for 10+ minutes one on one asking him about his life more than his writing as I wanted to understand his inspiration for the work. He is a fellow 4th Infantry Division veteran.

I think the biggest thing I have learned from this is that as a writer you really just have to put yourself out there which is somewhat paradoxical because you spend a good deal of time as a writer by yourself, writing.

I will be spending more time in Europe while I am here but will be updating the web page as a travel.