TusCon Weekend! Book Done!

“Casualties of War” is DONE! Editing complete, Kindle upload complete and now….the Cover Art, ugh! Anyone that has just glanced at my work on Amazon knows that I have struggled with Cover Art for my books. I either get too impatient (Capitulation) I want to get back to writing or I try to be too clever. The cover of “Worlds at War” is too clever because it is a copy of the cloth cover that was on H.G.Wells original print of “The War of the Worlds”. Sadly no one got the connection, book sales suffer. (Read the review, it always makes me happy!)

So be patient, the book will be released on Kindle as soon as the Cover Art Issue is resolved.

Casualties of War – Pilgrim’ Trail Book Two – 91,000+ words DONE!

The History of World War III (Academic Study) – progress 16,000+ words Goal 100,000 words
World War III – 1945 (Altered History Fiction) – progress 7000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Devil’s Ride – Pilgrim’s Trail Book Three – 8,000+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Road to Pilgrim’s Trail (prequel) – 5400+ words, Goal 100,000 words
The Quantum Mind 4500 Words, Goal 100,000 words
We happy few (formerly Through Green Eyes) – 1100 words, Goal 100,000 Words
Not Enough Water to Melt the Witch – 900 words, Goal 60,000 Words

Had a great time at TusCon 44 this weekend in Tucson, Arizona. Ended up being an informal member of several panels and it was great to see other writers and readers that are becoming an extended group of friends.

“Through Green Eyes” received a title change and little writing as reference to the “St. Crispin’s Day Speech” in “Henry V”  which our commander read to us a few times throughout the deployment but I really don’t think he understood what it meant as he very much believed in the Officer-Enlisted Caste Society of the Army. Too bad no one in his command agreed with him! LOL

Yeah, happy me back to writing. Going to focus on the academic novel “The History of World War III” and try not to get distracted by “World War III – 1945” which is altered history of the situation created by not dropping atomic weapons on Japan and the political events that would have transpired as a result. “WWIII-1945” is just so fun because it is how these events would affect individuals. People thinking the World War II was over and they could go home. Hope that you will enjoy reading it because I am enjoying writing it.

Keep reading,