9 April 2013

Greetings and sorry about the long absence! I guess that my mind had wandered into a dark place and I was having a hard time struggling out of it. I knew that I was depressed but was unable work my way out. I actually came through it by reading the first three books in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom Series, the Adventures of John Carter. I enjoyed the writing although I was a little creeped out when I found out that Deja Thoris laid an egg just like the green martians but then I saw a documentary about mammals and dinosaurs and found out that if it had not been for early mammals hiding from dinosaurs we would all be laying eggs!

Revived, Pilgrim’s Trail is rapidly approaching the 50-thousand word mark and I have been writing and reading some more on Core. It still amazes me how much Core is like Burroughs’ works but also how different. I am pretty sure that in the future I will be accused of ripping Burroughs off but nothing could be father from the truth! I had begun writing Core a few years before I read any of the John Carter novels and have been amazed by them now that I have read them. My method of hopping through the universe is a little more scientific than Burroughs. Another big push and I will finish Pilgrim’s Trail and then off to the next novel.

Several stories have come forth in recent days; life in the Post-Apocalyptic Colorado River  Valley, a 19th Century Gentleman’s journey around the Milky Way Galaxy, a galactic wanderer that is only limited by his own imagination and a man and his son traveling the Galaxy in search of happiness.

Each one of these is capable of becoming a novel! Love this stuff and I hope that my readers do too!