6.5 Kurz development continues

Questions about the 6.5 Kurz accuracy have been asked and I was able to get to the range and answer these. I have never had questions about the accuracy of the round as I purposely designed the cartridge to be accurate using 6.5 mm bullet which has always been accurate as well as making the shoulder of the cartridge at 30 degrees as this has been shown to be the most accurate shoulder for a cartridge.

Here is the first 100 yard target shot with 6.5 Kurz AR-15 #2 with an 18″ Armalite Barrel 1/8 right hand twist. Shepherd 10x scope. AR-Stoner Bolt Carrier in 458 SOCOM. I experienced no malfunctions with the rifle in firing 50 rounds.


Ironically this target was just the first 5 rounds fired at 100 years to verify zero. The ammunition used was 100gr FMJ bullets that I pulled from Wolf 6.5 Grendel ammunition with 34 gr of Winchester 748 powder. I did not chronograph these rounds as I consider them “range ammo”. The purpose built ammunition I made to test accuracy did not shoot more accurately than these rounds, so I will continue to develop accurate loads.

IMG_3383 2

There are actually 3 bullet holes on the 7/8 line.

Version 2

The three bullets measure a group of .365 of an inch with the bullet diameter of .264 it would be a 3 shot group at .101 or 1/10 of an inch between centers.

I hope this answers anyones questions about the potential accuracy of the 6.5 Kurz Cartridge.